“The Reset” – Episode #6: Paul D...

“The Reset” – Episode #6: Paul Donovan

Paul Donovan 74podcast

In this episode of The Reset, Global Chief Economist of UBS, and Profit and Prejudice author Paul Donovan and Pelin Akın Özalp discuss the importance of communicating economics in simple terms and how economics is a part of everyday life. Donovan shares his thoughts on diversity, inequality, and gender issues, as well as the rapid changes in all spheres during post-covid.

“The way the world worked in the last 30- 40 years is not how it’s going to work in the next 20 years. So, you need to challenge the status quo and you need to accept are being challenged.”

— Paul Donovan, Chief Global Economist at UBS Wealth Management

“My concern is that the more rapid process of change that the pandemic has brought about. Though, in the long term, this is a good thing. Might lead to a faster change in the economy.”

— Paul Donovan, Chief Global Economist at UBS Wealth Management

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