“The Reset” – Episode #5: Brian ...

“The Reset” – Episode #5: Brian Souter

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In this episode of The Reset, Scottish businessman Brian Souter talks to Pelin Akın Özalp about being ‘the British king’ of land transportation, trains, and buses, and how he has begun his career. Souter shares his motivations for being an entrepreneur, his experiences of sharing a business with his sister, and what has inspired him to get into the transportation business and ending up as the Knight Bachelor of the Order of the British Empire, as well as the owner of the UK’s biggest rail franchise.

“I was just really doing the things that interested me. Being an entrepreneur, I got excited about some of the opportunities– opportunities to do it differently, because, where other people see problems, entrepreneurs see opportunities.” — Brian Souter, Businessman, Founder of Stagecoach Group

“I would say to people going into business, your choice of a partner is very, very important. Get someone that shares their values, someone that you can work well with, someone that’s going to understand you and work with you. For some people, a family member is like the last person who should go into business with. For me, the choice of a family member for a partnership was the best decision.” — Brian Souter, Businessman, Founder of Stagecoach Group

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