“The Reset” – Episode #3: Cody H...

“The Reset” – Episode #3: Cody Horn Carolin

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In this episode of The Reset, strategic consultant Cody Horn Carolin talks to Pelin Akın Özalp about the major shifts in her life and career. From modelling for brands like Ralph Lauren and to acting in blockbusters such as Magic Mike, Cody Horn takes us through her evolving journey of self-discovery. Horn and Özalp discuss the nature of these life-altering decisions and how to find the courage to commit such decisions and to tackle the encounters that followed.

“If I make the decision from an instinctual place, there are fewer regrets because it’s come from a truth. When deciding to take on an entirely new venture, or change careers, or make a big change in one’s life, I don’t think it can come from a rational place. Because the mind, for as incredible as our minds are, is influenced by thoughts, by other people’s opinions, by books we’ve read, by things we’ve seen in films.” -Cody Horn, Strategic Consultant

“Covid-19 has reset the way I feel about the community in a way I didn’t expect because I’ve lived all over the nation— lived all over the world— and my friends are all over the world. Even though I’m from Los Angeles, I’ve had a very, kind of, weak community, it turns out, here on the ground in L.A. Strong family, strong connections, but with very few people, and a lot of my best friends are in New York or internationally.” -Cody Horn, Strategic Consultant

“When a person notices that they want to change something in their lives, there is so much fear around a problem that the problem is so big. The beginning steps are almost harder than the actual final step, which is almost like knocking over a single domino. But you’ve unwound all the other dominoes beforehand. And it’s what I love about it— about personal work, or healing, or whatever that is. It is lasting. There is no ‘arriving.’ There is no ‘I’ve done it now’, or ‘I’m healed.’ It’s the journey.” -Cody Horn, Stategic Consultant

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