“The Reset” – Episode #2: Arizon...

“The Reset” – Episode #2: Arizona Muse

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In this episode of The Reset, fashion model, designer, and keen activist in sustainability, Arizona Muse talks to Pelin Akın Özalp about the early days of her career in fashion and what sparked her environmental awakening. While talking about her latest projects, Muse shares key points on how to lead a more sustainable life by making responsible choices.

“When I say the word reset, I think of traditional and indigenous wisdom. I think of resetting back to the beginning of humanity. How did we use to think? How did we use to act? How did we use to connect? Let’s go back and use the best of that, coupled with the best of modern behavior, modern consciousness and modern thinking. And let’s start from there- reset.”

Arizona Muse
Fashion Model, Designer and Sustainability Consultant

“No, I don’t think the doom of the end is coming. I feel positive. I feel amazing.
I work hard every day to rejuvenate our planet and our society. And I feel like I have a purpose. So, don’t be afraid. It’s not scary to become an activist. It’s not scary to change your life. In fact, it’s more meaningful than the life ever was before.”

Arizona Muse
Fashion Model, Designer and Sustainability Consultant

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