“Sustainability As A Mindset” – ...

“Sustainability As A Mindset” – Episode #5: Leanne Elliott Young and Cat Taylor in conversation with Sinem Çelik

In this episode, industrial innovator Leanne Elliott Young, and digital fashion pioneer & 3D designer Cat Taylor talk to Sinem Çelik about the latest in Institute of Digital Fashion. While discussing the importance of motivation on the road to a better future for fashion, Young and Tay share their views on expansive, exciting, inclusive alternatives to the worn-out traditional fashion cycle. The duo believes in the ultimate power of digital solutions.

“We’re not going for change and we’re here to remake some of the broken systems and reconsider some of the kind of archaic structures that fashion sits within. For a long time, there’s been no movement at all and obviously, because of Covid-19, we’ve had this exhausting pivot to digital where we’ve seen everybody and every brand, all kind of taken to digital and all are immersed in this kind of viral space.”

– Cat Taylor, 3D Designer, Co-founder of Institute of Digital Fashion

“We are focusing on not mimicking all of the problems that are within the physical fashion industry at the moment. And we don’t want digital fashion to become fast fashion. We are trying to push the education behind each digital product and how long it takes to make and all the craft and the artisan that goes within it.”

– Leanne Elliott Young, Co-founder of Institute of Digital Fashion