Serra Behar | Instillation Artist

Serra Behar | Instillation Artist

serra behar

Serra Behar is an Instillation Artist and Sculpture who’s work carries themes that challenge belief systems by exploring the physical and metaphysical body in both humans and animal. By employing different techniques and mediums, she raises questions on ethics, freedom, survival, body, mind and thought. Serra Behar uses material such as silicon, polyester resin and “electronic junk”, papier machet, animal bones, leather and more… Her attention to detail is evident through the variety of her tools and support of drawings. Serra Behar ‘s calm and collected manner are instrumental to the meticulousness of her work.

Here are her As to our Qs!

When are you happiest? 
Having a Sunday morning coffee listening to classical music.

What motivates you?
Process in art.

Which city or cities are centers of creativity and inspiration for you?

For you, what does Istanbul stand for?
Family and friends.

What do you think about the city (cities) you live in?
Istanbul is the city where I can be with my friends and family but London is the city where I can be.

Which era would you have preferred to live in? 

What’s your current source of inspiration?

Who or what inspired you to be an artist?
When i realized that nothing but art makes me happy about me.

Your favorite place to visit to get ideas?

Your most cherished possession?
My hands.

How would you describe your world in 3 words?
Love, art, meditation.

Favorite recent discovery?
I phone.

Favorite artist of all times?
David Bowie.

What can’t you live without?
Love and vegetables.

What’s on repeat on your iPod?
Bach Cello Suite No.1-Prelude.

What’s your motto?
Nonresistance, submition.

If your creative works had an odor, what do you think they would smell like?
Leather, acrylic, resin.

What is your favorite shop?
Karakoy market.

What would you title your autobiography?

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
Soya milk, broccoli, lentil soup, salad, banana.

Is there a creative activity that you want to pursue that you have been postponing? What is it?
Solo show.

What is the trait you most deplore about yourself?
Sensitivity, variability.



Bachelor’s Degree at University of Mimar Sinan (Istanbul/ Turkey) Department: Fine Arts- Stage 

Design Costume and Puppetry

Master’s Degree at University of Mimar Sinan (Istanbul/ Turkey)

Nottingham Trent ( Nottingham / United Kingdom)

The Artist currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Professional Works

2011  Monument bust of Mexican leader Emiliano Zapata for the Şişli Municipality

2009  Art direction and set design for TV ad for Schweppes Fizzy Drink

2009 Art direction and set design for TV ad for HSBC Black and Rouge Card (credit card)

2009 Art direction and set design for a TV ad for Ülker Golden Creme Chocolate

2009 Art direction and set design for a promotion campaign of TV ad for BP and HSBC Advantage Card

2009 Art direction and set design for a TV ad for Doğadan Tea (The Coca-Cola Company)

2009 Concept and spatial design for Cafe Juke Box

2008-2009 Award design (figurine) for SIYAD (Association of Film Writers)

2007 Monument design for Ali Ekber Çiçek (famous Turkish minstrel) for Şişli Municipality

2007 Concept and display design for No Drug Store

2007  Display design for Maslak Store for Office One Superstore

2007 Renovation and decoration design for Cafe Zone

2007 Concept and display design for Manchita Store

2005 Display design for the new album of Ferhat Göçer (Turkish pop singer)

2003 Design of the opening ceremony for Boyner Mega Store

2003 Display design for new year for Vitra Intema Store

2002 Display design for Valentine Day for Levis

2001- 2002 Design of lifesize character models of  6 sultans of Ottoman Empire and 11 merchants for City Museum of Bursa

2001 Costume design for a TV ad for ARIA (Mobile Telephone Company)

1998 – 2003 Design of lifesize character models in 1:1 size for M. Rahmi Koç Museum

1997 Stage, costume and mask design for the kids theatre for Enis Fosforoğlu Theatre
Stage design for a stand up show

Art Projects

Theatrical installation art

Animatronic installation art

Conceptual art

2010 PARADISE BIRD Animatronic installation-vac forming with acrylic plastic, silicon, polyester resin, electronic junk

2009 ORGAN INC.animatronic model made of organic materials: genuine leather, animal bones, stuffed withpapier machet and organic ropes

2009 GEOMETRY 2 (Sexism) Stop-motion short film of x seconds

2009 GEOMETRY 1 (DNA) Stop-motion short film of 16 seconds

2000-2001 THE EMBRIO Performance puppet made of polyester

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