Introducing FLAGS FOR FUTURE presented by ’7...

Introducing FLAGS FOR FUTURE presented by ’74 and Utöpia

Flags For Future is a sustainable art project supporting the conservation of our waters.

As ISTANBUL’74, we are happy to announce our collaboration with Utöpia Flags and leading artists and creators to support the conservation of our waters. Our seas provide one out of every two breaths we take, producing 50 to 70% of the oxygen we need. — Our future lies in marine life.
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, single-use plastics once again found their way into our lives. Aiming to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the marine environment, we created “Flags for Future” a limited-edition set of artist flags made from upcycled plastic waste.
As a deconstruction of the concept of the flag, “Flags For Future” quests for a new conception of this new medium, deeming it a canvas for unity and collective thought as well as free artistic expression.
From white flags for peace to the black flag of pirates, and the rainbow flag for pride, in the folds of the flag there is an almost magical power. One of the oldest forms of media in the world, the flag now occupies a renewed place in public space. This is increasingly true in virtual public and online social networks.
As a new media, it invites us to raise our heads to the sky. The flags of artists have become vectors of communication.⁣ “Flags for Future” is a project that reimagines our shared values. The set of artist flags are produced in limited edition and made from upcycled plastic waste.
With this project, we aim to support the conservation of our waters and shores as we will donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sales for a better future ahead.
Look out for the participating artists’ list to be announced from our socials in the coming days.