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“How Can We All Make it into the Future?” – Episode #48: Brigitte Lacombe in conversation with Timothée Verrecchia

In this episode of “How Can We All Make it into the Future”, creative director Timothée Verrecchia and acclaimed photographer Brigitte Lacombe discuss their friendship, relentless curiosity for life, zest for travel, dedication to moments of solitude as well as their journey to find their roots.

“I don’t think I ever felt lonely. In fact, for the last few years, the minute I was finished with my deep involvement with people that I was photographing—and which I’m really 100% involved and focused on when I’m working—I was just waiting to be on my own. I mean to the point where I didn’t want to listen to music because I just needed to be, like, quiet.”

–Brigitte Lacombe, Photographer

“There’s an underestimated distinction between loneliness and solitude. Solitude is so fundamental to precisely what you call the ‘process’ part of how we live and what we take in. But, I think, in our society, there’s such an apprehension of being alone that people don’t really learn to be with themselves. For me, the only way I’ve been able to take in so much of the travels, the experiences, the projects and the folks in my life is by having these moments of solitude where I can really understand how to take it all in and how to put it to good use.”

–Timothée Verrecchia, Creative Director

“I’ve missed every single birthday, wedding and event in anybody’s life around me because I was always occupied pursuing my work. That was always my priority for a living. And now I actually would like to do all the quotidian things.”

–Brigitte Lacombe, Photographer

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