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“How Can We All Make it into the Future?” – Episode #46: Timothée Verrecchia in conversation with Ian C. Rogers

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In this episode of “How Can We All Make it into the Future?”, Ian C. Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger and Advisor to LVMH, talks to Timothée Verrecchia about their days on the surfboards, and Rogers’ career at Apple and Beats’ subscription music service, also his recent position at the board of Doc. Martens. While discussing key points of being an entrepreneur, and how he is “music fan” and a “citizen of the planet” above all, Rogers shares his views on cryptocurrency, NFTs and our enhanced digital lives during post-covid.

“I think that what futurists have always fundamentally understood is human consciousness. You can feel anger at comments in an online chat room and on YouTube, the same way that you can feel stubbing your toe. They’re both just sort of things in human consciousness. I think that people get really hung up on this delineation between sort of old and new, digital, physical, real, not real. Culture is culture. It all appears in consciousness and in the same place.”

– Ian C. Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger and Advisor to LVMH

“One lesson that I definitely learned over these years, working with companies such as Apple and others in Silicon Valley, I very much share the approach to technology that it’s it needs to make your life easier. It really is about solving problems rather than creating layers of complexity.”

– Timothée Verrecchia, Verrecchia & Partners

“The Crypto money looks like a reasonable hedge against what’s going on in the broader financial market. In other words, all of these things are happening at the same time because of the global pandemic. The fruit stand at the corner no longer wants to take your cash. They’re willing to give their money to the bank so they don’t have to touch your money. That’s happening. Now we’re truly going digital, even the people who were kind of holdouts. And then, there is the NFT which brings a whole bunch of people into this space because for some people Bitcoin is just not interesting. But a LeBron James collectable card would be.”

– Ian C. Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger and Advisor to LVMH


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