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“How Can We All Make it into the Future?” – Episode #45: Kenny Schachter in conversation with Ann Binlot

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In this episode of “How Can We All Make it into the Future?”, artist, writer, collector, curator, and all-around general provocateur Kenny Schachter talks to writer Ann Binlot about the lack of privacy dictated and defined by the social media platforms and usage of technology, and how the quarantine lockdown has increased his screen time on his iPhone. From how he can’t even barely draw a stick figure and his digital collages and videos to how he has had the famous virus himself, Schachter takes us through his experiences of childhood, and memories from the beginning of his career commenting on class consciousness. 

“Instagram will go down in art history as being one of like the wrecking ball set that has absolutely broken down these hideous kinds of hierarchies. The exclusivity in the art world has always been stifling and it annoyed me from day one– where people look you up and down, and they look at your shoes.” Kenny Schachter, Artist, Writer, Collector, and Curator

“When you’re in life, it’s like, you don’t really choose a career, it chooses you. The people that love art, people that love art for the sake of art, seem to be getting as extinct as magazines.” Kenny Schachter, Artist, Writer, Collector, and Curator 

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