“How Can We All Make it into the Future?R...

“How Can We All Make it into the Future?” – Episode #44: Korhan Erel in conversation with Marco Fusinato

In this episode of “How Can We All Make it into the Future?”, Melbourne-based contemporary artist and experimental musician Marco Fusinato and Berlin-based improviser and experimental sound artist Korhan Erel discuss their own experiences of the draconian measures of the lockdown back in October. From Fusinato’s preparations for Venice Biennale to various physical and digital concert experiences pre-and during the pandemic, Erel and Fusinato talk about the relationship between the audience and noise & experimental music as well as commenting on the genre’s future in the post-covid world.

“The benefit of improvisation is that you’re in the present and you’re not sure what the future will be, but you go with it and it forces you in certain directions and you have to be ready and malleable. You have to work— not only with it but against it.”

-Marco Fusinato, Contemporary Artist and Experimental Musician

“If you take a noise musician from their underground hall and put them into a museum, they will make more money and therefore probably live longer. But they won’t be happier. So maybe we should let them be in the underground unless they really want to get out and do something else, of course. Then, that’s their decision.”

– Korhan Erel, Improviser and Experimental Sound Artist

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