“How Can We All Make it into the Future?” &#...

“How Can We All Make it into the Future?” – Episode #16: Erdem Moralıoğlu

erdem moralioglu

In this episode of ’74PODCAST Series “How Can We All Make it into the Future?”, curator, author, and artistic director Pamela Golbin talks with the eponymous founder of fashion label ERDEM, Erdem Moralıoğlu about the successes and challenges the British-Turkish designer has faced, how confinement has influenced his creative process, and how the role of fashion and the arts will evolve.

“You can almost lose that with how much visual information you have around you, that actual connection to someone. It sounds strange to say that when you think about the parameters that we’re all going to have to face with social distancing. But I truly believe that the future is going to be something that that will be, of course, digital but I also believe in that kind of analog, very human approach to things.” – Erdem Moralioglu⁣

“I think a lot of people don’t realize that fashion is a trillion dollar industry. It is huge and the creative spectrum today can go from Haute Couture to fast fashion and everything in between. So, it is going to be one of the challenges, how to come up with a space or a platform where everyone can express themselves correctly but also where the industry can be developed, produced and distributed at a given pace, otherwise there is loss in direction.” – Pamela Golbin⁣

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