“How Can We All Make it into the Future?R...

“How Can We All Make it into the Future?” – Episode #1: Refik Anadol and Dr. Edward Shanken

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In this episode of ’74PODCAST Series “How Can We All Make it into the Future?”, Media Artist Refik Anadol and Art Historian Dr. Edward Shanken talk about a myriad of topics from the current situation of freelance artists, the concept of consciousness to machine hallucinations and more.

“The people who are sensitive to anything simply in life but also have the creative capacity of producing an output from that experience have the capacity of remembering the future, meaning having these much deeper predictions and sensitivity about what may come next.” – Refik Anadol⁣⁣⁣

“I’ve become fascinated with the future of art and how some artists have the ability to envision the future and create a working model of it in the present that enables us to get a little taste of it now.” – Dr. Edward Shanken⁣⁣⁣

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