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“Culture in a Time of Crises” – Episode #4: Monica Narula & Jeebesh Bagchi

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In this episode of Culture in a Time of Crises, the two-thirds of the Raqs Media Collective Monica Narula and Jeebesh Bagchi talk to Shwetal A. Patel about their socially-distant curation of the upcoming Yokohama Triennale, new modes of working as a collective during the lockdown as well as their roles as artists in a time of crises.

“As a collective who is not able to actually meet at all, it is an interesting sort of experience in which we are finding new modes to be a collective, to engage with each other and to bring new questions to each other in terms of how one is thinking and processing what they’re going through.” – Monica Narula

“It’s a very rare moment that a big part of your time is trying to kind of project- you’re trying to create a holographic universe. You’re mentally projecting the work with a certain scale and dimension and trying to sense for yourself what’s going on. So in a sense, it’s a very peculiar way of work.” – Jeebesh Bagchi

Raqs Media Collective
Photo: KATO Hajime
Photo courtesy of Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale

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