“Culture in a Time of Crises” – Episode #12:...

“Culture in a Time of Crises” – Episode #12: Goshka Macuga

goshka macuga

In this twelfth and final episode of Culture in a Time of Crises, hosted by Dr. Shwetal A Patel, the London based artist Goshka Macuga talks about her journey from Warsaw to Goldsmiths College in London, the importance of certain political moments in her work, navigating the lockdown, her future plans in Greece, her dog’s new Instagram account and much much more.

We would like to thank Shwetal and all the artists in this year long series. The crises, a compendium of ongoing challenges, is far from over and we hope some of these conversations over the last 12 months have helped to shed light on how this period has effected artists‘ practice and fostered new ways of thinking and doing. 

“There is isolation of various solitude, you know, where you choose to be on your own or where you are conditioned to be on your own. I think that I have suffered, a lot of people have suffered, from the fact that it wasn’t a choice, that we had to stay isolated, and we couldn’t see each other. But this romantic idea of solitude has always been a feeling. I do like this. Being able to work in diverse ways, I can be on my own and I can be anywhere with very little and still make work somehow. So, there was actually a shift.” Goshka Macuga, Artist

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