“Art on the Verge” – Episode #4:...

“Art on the Verge” – Episode #4: Oliver Jeffers

oliver jeffers bryce wolkowitz

In this episode of Art on the Verge, Founder and Director of the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, Bryce Wolkowitz and Visual Artist and Storyteller Oliver Jeffers discuss the art of storytelling, the relationship between memory and identity in Jeffers’ work, the imaginary borders of the world as well as his first solo exhibition For All We Know.

“Given this seeming inability for people to comprehend just the singularity of our planet Earth, I feel like it’s my job to tell, remind and show people that this is the most urgent story that humanity needs to rally around and partly to do with climate change, partly to do with nationalism, partly to do with the notion of tit for tat.” – Oliver Jeffers

“I think, the greatest enemy that has faced humanity in recent years is apathy towards anything. It’s this idea of ”it’s somebody else’s problem and I don’t have to do anything about it.” And I think that is going nowhere. We’re looking at a scenario at a world where most people below a certain age are feeling more galvanized than they have in generations and generations. And the change has to come. But hopefully, it comes for the better and not for the worse.” – Oliver Jeffers

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