“Art on the Verge” – Episode #3:...

“Art on the Verge” – Episode #3: Paula Scher

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In the third episode of Art on the Verge, Founder and Director of the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, Bryce Wolkowitz talks with painter and art educator in design and one of the most influential graphic designers in the world, Paula Scher about her early career, her inimitable approach to design, her thoughts about the shift in the industry as well as and what has been inspiring her lately.

“Pentagram is really unusual and I can’t understand why it isn’t replicated. It’s an organization that is designed for designers and how designers behave.” – Paula Scher

“I have not ever lost my desire for making things, and I think that every project, with very rare exceptions, is a really exciting challenge. And I go into them with the most positive kinds of energy, very often think that something’s going to be the best thing I ever did in my life.” – Paula Scher

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