A Day With: Amanda Wall


DAY with
Amanda Wall is an American artist who was born in Oregon, and now lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She is a self-taught painter, who’s vivid figurative work portrays human form in domestic scenarios, bordering on a surrealist lens. Multifaceted in media; photography and writing are other fields in which the artist expresses her vision. Wall was one of the key creators of the beauty brand R+Co, which she continues to act as Creative Director and packaging designer. She is also an Editor at Large and a contributor to Purple Fashion Magazine.
10 AM

I wake up but stay in bed for a while replying
to texts and DMs.

10.20 AM

The first thing I do when I get up is turn on the radio to the LA classical station, KUSC 91.5FM. I love tuning into a shared music experience and the idea of radio waves traveling at the speed of light, infinitely outward into the universe.

10.30 AM

Black decaf coffee (at least 2 cups), a piece of fruit, and an hour of reading. I’m almost finished with D.H. Laurence Women in Love. The best thing that I read during quarantine was the book Interviews with Francis Bacon.

A growing stack of books on the floor that don’t fit on the shelf.

My favorite coffee table book Plusieurs Possibilites,
Les photographies de John Willie

Meditation for 20 minutes and then a bath,
with dead sea salts while I reply to my emails.

1 PM

Lunch at home, I usually make eggs and a
simple salad of whatever is in season (and in my fridge).

1 PM

Lunch at home, I usually make eggs and a
simple salad of whatever is in season (and in my

A surprise delivery
of flowers
from a lover
A surprise delivery
of flowers from a lover
2 PM

A 15-minute walk through the Arts District to my studio. As soon as I arrive I turn on my Spotify – loud- usually on random shuffle. Here is a recent playlist

I spend all afternoon here, working on paintings, drawings, photographs, and writing.
6.30 PM

A walk around the Hollywood Reservoir trail. I usually meet up with a girlfriend to talk, but if I’m alone I listen to a podcast, often science or philosophy related. Making Sense with Sam Harris is always insightful.

7.45 PM

Driving home through downtown, I love to
take the 2nd street tunnel. A scene from one
of my favorite films Blade Runner was shot there.

8 PM

A cotton candy sunset from
my apartment window.

Back home and check my mailbox, This is mail art that my friend David Horvitz sent me.

8.30 PM

I’ve been having friends over for dinner, not many restaurants have reopened in LA yet. I live near Little Tokyo and take-out sushi from Sushi Gen is a regular.

My favorite lamp by
Vladimir Kagan, my tree and
Prada slippers.

Play records.

10 PM – 1 AM

I’m back to work at my computer with a cup of tea, doing graphic design, editing photos or video, or digital collage for all of the brands that I creative direct.

2 AM