’74Picks | 20-26 July

Here’s a curated weekly ’74Picks round-up of the best to read, watch, listen, and do this week. From Nick Cave’s exclusive digital concert and Werner Herzog’s new feature to our favorite titles and newly opened ‘74Escape Gallery & Store in Bodrum!

LISTEN: Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace

Watch Nick Cave perform solo at the piano, in a film shot this June, at the iconic London venue Alexandra Palace. Join the global live streaming event on 23 July 2020. Find tickets here. The film will be streamed as a live experience, and will not be available to view online following the event. Do not miss!

WATCH: Family Romance, LLC, Directed by Werner Herzog, 2019

Debuted at Cannes and Telluride Film Festival last year, Werner Herzog’s new film Family Romance, LLC is now online on MUBI. Based on Herzog’s encounter with a rather unusual business in Japan, where lonesome individuals can hire actors to stand in for their missing loved ones. In this case, Family Romance, LLC sees the mother of a 12-year-old young girl Mahiro hiring Ishii to impersonate her father which causes the boundaries between the real and pretend becomes obscure.


READ: Faith Ringgold by Walther König

Renowned for her narrative quilts and her colorful paintings of African American life, New York artist Faith Ringgold has challenged perceptions of identity and gender inequality through the perspective of the feminist and the civil rights movements. Her work preserves its contemporary tone both for spectators and for fellow artists motivated by her narrative mastery and her ability to conjure scenes of everyday life. Highlighting different series that she has created over the past 50 years, this monograph reveals the scope of her oeuvre, including paintings, story quilts, and posters made during the Black Power movement. 

Edited by Melissa Blanchflower, Natalia Grabowska, Melissa Larner. Text by Michelle Wallace. Interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

LOOK: Füreya Koral’s Ceramic Works

Füreya Koral met clay in a sanatorium in Switzerland at the age of forty. She has returned to Turkey and established what would be the first private ceramic workshop of the country in 1951. In her experiences of a turbulent yet rich life, Füreya found the answer to her struggles in ceramics. In its simplest terms, for her, ceramic provided an insight into life itself. Essentially a shell separating ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ realms, ceramic has allowed Füreya to make meaning the gap inside her and define the essence.⁣

In the period of heaty art-craft discussion, the boundaries of ceramics were blurred, and traditional contents were re-discovered and interpreted, and for Füreya plates have become one of the main art forms. But more than of all, she cared about wall panels. With the influence of the Bauhaus trend, Füreya has produced semi-abstract large panels that mix Anatolian motifs and Mexican murals for many architectural buildings in Istanbul and Ankara, including bazaars, inns and other public spaces.⁣

DO: Drop by at ‘74Escape Store & Gallery in Bodrum.

If you are in Bodrum, drop by at our ‘74Escape Store & Gallery to pick up your salty keepsakes by LUG VON SIGA, DICE KAYEK, Begum Khan, ETHNICLOOM, Rumisu, Misela, Homemade Aromaterapi, Serana Uziyel, Piece of White, Mehry Mu, Anim, Fy-shan Glass Studio, Gül Hürgel, Aslı Filinta, Lar Studio, Fidelle, Anais & Margaux, Marché Istanbul, March to Shine, Siedres and more.

You can also visit ‘CERAMIC WORKS’ a selection of contemporary ceramics from Turkey bringing together intuitive and expressive works by atorie bu, Ayşe Tanman, Gülsüm Üzel, Hüseyin Artık, Mesut Öztürk, Metin Ertürk, Pınar Baklan and Zeynep Severge.


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